Based on my observations during 20 years on the bench, Judge Ferrera is clearly the best candidate for the Superior Court. She is committed to fairness, access to justice, and service to the citizens of Chelan County. Judge Ferrera’s qualifications for this position are unmatched.

The Honorable Lesley Allan
PResiding Superior Court Judge for Chelan County

We need to keep Judge Ferrera on our Superior Court. Judge Ferrera is honest and fair. She has the intelligence and life experiences that make her an excellent judge.

The Honorable Carol Wardell (Retired)
Superior Court Judge for Chelan/Douglas Counties 1991-1998
Attorney for Chelan PUD 1998-2015


Judge Kristin Ferrera brings compassion,  fairness and integrity to our court. Please join me and vote to retain Judge Ferrera!

The Honorable T.W. Chip Small (Retired)
Superior Court Judge for Chelan County


Judge Ferrera provides our community with the type of leadership in the judiciary that the citizens of our community deserve.

 Robert R. Siderius, Jr.
Principal Attorney at JDSA Law


    Judge Ferrera has a keen knowledge of the law and her experience, integrity, and compassion make her an excellent judge particularly in understanding the laws and issues that affect Chelan County.

The Mike and Karen Wade Family & The Justin and Robin Hansen Family
Columbia Fruit Packers
Fielding Hills Winery


Endorse Judge Ferrera! 

Jay Fulbright
Executive Vice President, Stemilt Growers, LLC


Upon meeting Judge Ferrera, I was immediately impressed by her keen intellect, solid core values, clear rules of engagement from the bench and most of all her straight forward honesty and empathy. 

Buell Hawkins
Former ChElan County Commissioner


     Judge Kristin Ferrera is a down to earth person who cares about people and fairness, and considers listening one of her most important job skills. We are proud to have her as a Chelan County Superior Court Judge!

Sheila & Bart Clennon
Clennon Orchards


    Judge Ferrera has already proven to be a great asset and innovative leader to our community during her time as a Superior Court Judge.  She is a fantastic legal mind and an even better person.  I believe that Judge Ferrera is someone Chelan County deserves and needs.

Bryce Mackay, Partner
Bromiley Mackay, PLLC


    Judge Ferrera has demonstrated intelligence and even-handedness from the bench, as well as respect for the individuals who come before her. She has already proven she has the judicial temperament and the careful legal mind to serve our community in this important role.

Judith Lurie, Attorney
Northwest Justice Project

    I support Kristin Ferrera in serving our community as a judge going forward and would ask others to support her as well.

Nate Bishop, CPA
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP


Judge Ferrera is exceptionally well qualified and has a great future as a Superior Court Judge.

Michael Johnston
Commissioner, Washington State Supreme Court

I am a certified court interpreter. I have seen Judge Ferrera at work and I find her to be fair, caring, conscientious and ethical.

Martha M. Kullman
Certified Court Interpreter


Judge Kristin Ferrera embodies what is most important about the judicial system: fair, honest, patient, ethical, thorough.

Brian & Brianne Vertrees
The Merriment Group


Kristin Ferrera is open minded, compassionate, firm and humble. Chelan County is lucky to have her on the bench.

Cam & Nicky Clennon
Clennon & Associates


We wholeheartedly endorse Judge Ferrera! We are confident she will continue to judge with honesty, integrity and care.

Jessica & Tyler Russell


Judge Ferrera’s legal, professional and community experience is a great asset to Chelan County. We are happy to give her our full endorsement!

Jackie & Mike Endsley
Endsley & Co.


I endorse Judge Ferrera! We need her qualities including her experience, fairness and honesty as a Superior Court Judge. I trust that Judge Ferrera will be impartial and everyone appearing before her will be treated with dignity and respect.

JeFf Neher
Cordell, Neher, & Co.


Judge Ferrera gives thoughtful and fair consideration to every case that comes before her. She exercises her responsibilities with integrity and demonstrates an unwavering passion to ensure that ours is a safe, thriving and caring community.

Dr. Millie Watkins
Former Superintendent/Principal Orondo School DiStrict


    She is very qualified and she is already proving herself on the bench.  Wenatchee would be very fortunate to keep her there.  Vote for Kristin.

Jayne Stolmeier Vitulli

    Judge Ferrera has an excellent understanding of our community and goes to great lengths to see that everyone before her receives justice.

Joe Holeman
Attorney AT JDSA Law

Support from Officials Locally and Across the State.jpeg

Chelan County Retired Superior Court Judge John E. Bridges

Chelan County District Court Judge Nancy Harmon

Chelan County Superior Court Commissioner Bart Vandegrift

Douglas County Superior Court Judge john Hotchkiss

Former Chelan County Prosecutor Gary Riesen

Douglas County Prosecutor Steve Clem

Chelan County Port Commissioner J.C. Baldwin

Wenatchee City Council Member Ruth Esparza

City of East Wenatchee Mayor Steve Lacy

Fmr. Chelan County Commissioner Buell Hawkins

Fmr. Chelan County Commissioner Tom Green

Grant County Superior Court Judge David Estudillo

Okanogan County Superior Court Judge Henry A. Rawson

Okanogan County Superior Court Judge Christopher E. Culp

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Marybeth Dingledy

Spokane County Superior Court Judge Julie McKay

Spokane County Superior Court Judge John Cooney

Spokane County Superior Court Commissioner Nichole Swennumson

Spokane County Superior Court Commissioner Kevin Stewart

Spokane County Superior Court Commissioner Tony Rugel

King County Superior Court Judge Veronica Alicea-Galvan

King County Superior Court Judge Barbara Linde

King County Superior Court Judge John R. Ruhl

King County Superior Court Judge Sean P. O'Donnell

King County Superior Court Judge Julia Garratt

King County Superior Court Judge David Keenan

King County Superior Court Judge Michael Diaz

Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Lanese

Yakima County Superior Court Commissioner Elisabeth Tutch

Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge Anne Cruser

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Stan Rumbaugh

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Kitty-Ann van Doorninck

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Gretchen Leanderson

Ferrera Meeting Flyer.jpg

Pat Aylward
Laraine Burrell
Steve Crossland
Jim Danielson
Don Dimmett
Caitlyn Evans
Colleen Frei
Clay Gatens
Robin Gaukroger
Devon Gray
Michelle Green
Robin Hansen
Matthew Hitchcock
Joe Holeman
Brian Huber
Gar Jeffers
Greg Lair
Judith Lurie
Bryce Mackay
Evan McCauley
Jordan Miller
Jim Mitchell
Kyle Mott
Kellen Norwood
Ernest Radillo
Annie Robertson
Ryan Smolinski
David Sonn
Russ Speidel
Peter Spadoni
Eric Stokes
Mike Vannier
David Visser
Lindsey Weidenbach
Sally White


Chief Justice Mary E. Fairhurst

Associate Chief Justice Charles W. Johnson

Justice Barbara A. Madsen

JUSTICE Susan Owens

JUSTICE Debra L. Stephens

JUSTICE Charles K. Wiggins

JUSTICE Steven C. Gonzalez

JUSTICE Sheryl McCloud


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Jim and Carol Adamson
Paige Ahnemiller
Peggy Aylward
Randy Baldwin
Holly Berdan
Tom & Laurie Bergman
Nate Bishop
Kenneth & Sharon Blodgett
Stephanie Boehl
Ace & Amber Bollinger
Diane C. Bolyard
Dominick & Kathryn Bonny
Barbara Bourgeois
Jaclyn Brison
Duane & CArol Broaddus
Jay Brunner
Mona Lisa Buck
Geoff Bullis
Bob & Trudy Bullis
David & Cindy Burnett
Shannon Claeson
Sheila & Bart Clennon
Cam & Nicky Clennon
Kriss Crilly
Pete & Rachel Cruickshank
Carol Danielson
Andy Dappen
Kelsey Dew
Linda Dimmitt
Bob & Sherry Doolittle
Bill & Allison Dronen
Maureen Duane
Judy Derpack
Mike & Jackie Endslee
Shelly English
Kirk & Amanda Esmond
Kathy Jo Evans
Sara Evans
John Evenson
Deborah Fagerland
Gail & John Ferrera
Laura & Matthew Ficker
Ron & Tracy Franklin
Jay Fulbright
Emily Gale
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